About Gen Free Conference

            The central message of Jesus was the good news that the kingdom of God had now come and was available (Mark 1:14-15). When it advances through the power of the Holy Spirit, people are set free (Matthew 12:28). And one of the primary reasons why Jesus came was to destroy the works of the devil in people’s lives and heal them of his oppression (1 John 3:8; Acts 10:38). It is for the sake of freedom that Christ sets us free (Galatians 5:1) and that is what we want young people to experience at this event. We want to see God become real in the lives of teenagers and for them to encounter his love and power in a way that causes them to be GEN-FREE and submit their lives to his lordship.

            Teenagers should expect to encounter God in life-changing ways through worship, preaching of God’s word, speaker testimonies, times of ministry, and impartation. During scheduled breaks, students and youth groups will also have time to interact and have fun together. Youth pastors will also have an opportunity to receive ministry and encouragement from scheduled speakers.


Location Information

  • Global Awakening
  • 1451 Clark St., Mechanicsburg, PA, 17055 US


Brian Connolly Founder of Faith Like Birds Ministries

Will Hart CEO of Iris Global Ministries

Megan Parsons Youth Pastor of Christ Community - Camp Hill, PA

Brian Starley Associate Evangelist at Global Awakening

Worship Led By

Heather Hilker Worship Director at Praise Community Church - York, PA

Jonathan Smith Songwriter at Daywind Publishing


FridaySeptember 13

Doors Open @ 6:00PM
Session 1 @ 7:00-10:00PM

SaturdaySeptember 14

Doors Open @ 9:00AM
Session 2 @ 9:30-12:00PM

Lunch @ 12:00-2:00PM

Session 3 @ 2:00-3:10PM

Break @ 3:10-3:20PM

Session 4 @ 3:20-4:30PM

Dinner @ 4:30-6:30 PM

Session 5 @ 6:30-10:00PM

SundaySeptember 15

Doors Open @ 9:00AM
Session 6 @ 9:30-12:00PM

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  • friday night (09/13/24) - sunday afternoon (09/15/24)
    *attendees will be responsible for their own meals & lodging*

  • saturday only (09/14/24)
    *attendees will be responsible for their own meals & lodging*

7th-12th grade students MUST have an adult chaperone. Students cannot be dropped off without an adult chaperone. Chaperone's are to purchase their own ticket for the event.

Personal Info

Dear Parents/Guardians,

My goal in writing is to help you make an informed decision regarding the sending of your child(ren) to this Faith Like Birds event. We believe that transparency is the doorway to building trusting and long-lasting relationships. That is why we want to share with you that although such topics are not necessarily the focus of our event, we realize that they may come up. Sexual addictions of various kinds run rampant through the world we live in, and sadly, they have impacted not only my life but the lives of our young people.

It is only by God’s grace that I am no longer bound to what once enslaved me. Because I am familiar with the struggle and shame of an addiction to pornography, I am passionate about seeing teenagers set free from its grip. Thus, there have been instances where I felt prompted by God to address it and invite those students who struggle with it to receive prayer to be set free. Thankfully, we have received many testimonies where this has been the result.

That being said, we understand this may be too sensitive a topic for younger students. We realize that parents and guardians are the gatekeepers and that they should be the ones to determine when they want such things discussed with those in their care. We want you to feel empowered to decide what is best for your child(ren), and we want you to decide whether or not it is appropriate to register them for this conference with this in mind.

Please note that we choose not to be explicit about this area in any way when presented from the stage. To the best of our ability, we seek to use language that does not foster curiosity or confusion in your child(ren). Instead, we endeavor to focus more on God’s ability to free us than harp on all that’s negative or wrong. We want people to run to him in faith rather than hide in shame.

Truly, we desire that all in attendance experience his great love and power to deliver. We thank you for trusting us with your child(ren) and hope that this disclosure is adequate in helping you make the right decision for your child(ren). If you choose to register your child, please sign below so that the Faith Like Birds team knows they have your consent.

Brian Connolly, Founder and President of Faith Like Birds

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